To Do L ist

  • Choose a personal challenge. Examples: lose weight, gain weight, get a haircut, have a baby, or stop eating pizza for breakfast.
    But always consult a physician before doing anything extreme,
    and NEVER stop eating pizza for breakfast.
  • Choose your charity and send us your dirty money using PayPal.
  • Wait patiently for your "Before" shirt to come in the mail.
    Write poetry or cut the crusts off sandwiches to pass the time.
  • Guilt your friends and family into committing to a challenge
    of their own by posting your progress on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Do whatever you have to do to look good in that shirt.
    Once you've transcended the "Before" label, we’ll send you
    the "After" shirt, along with the secret password to all of the back rooms of the most notorious yoga studios.
  • Understand that $49 is the scientific dollar amount that will keep you motivated. We’re not getting rich on this, we just want you
    to make it count.
  • Give more hugs.